I build bridges between cultures. I accompany professionals and individuals who have a project related to France by bringing my communication skills, and my intercultural and business expertise. My goal is to make you feel at home abroad.

Hélène Girard


Born in the south of France, and passionate about foreign languages ​​and cultures, I did my studies and my entire career abroad. After years of experience in the international business sector for various international companies, that took me from Germany to India and the Netherlands, I’m back to my roots in France. I created Belles Langues to suppport professionals and individuals in their international projects, bringing them my expertise and my values ​​based on authenticity, sharing and respect for diversity. 

A carreer abroad

A long career in international marketing and managing client portfolios for companies in India, Germany and the Netherlands has shown me the importance of cultural differences when you want to develop a business abroad. In order to establish a good relationship with your international business partners, you must not only speak their language but also know and understand their culture.

A passion for languages and travelling

International is also about foreign language learning and cultural immersion. Having learned 5 foreign languages, and lived on 3 continents for 17 years, I am convinced that a mobility experience is a structuring stage on a personal and professional level: empowerment, self-discovery, acquisition of skills and knowledge.



AUTHENTICITY – Develop authentic and long-term relationships based on the espect for differences.

INTERCULTURALITY – A world where we are connected is better than a world where we are divided.

CARING FOR OTHERS – Financial goals will never take over the human.

BE HONEST – Honesty and transparency. Do what you say and say what you do.

AIMING FOR EXCELLENCE – Be serious, deliver quality work, pay attention to detail, in the interest of the customer.

EMPATHY – Respect differences, open mind, understand and put yourself in the shoes of others.

PROXIMITY – Ask the right questions, identify needs, constraints and goals so you can truly serve customers, be a true partner more than just an outside consultant.

“To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.”

Douglas Adams