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How to choose the right country for my language program?

Will you learn Spanish in Argentina, Nicaragua or Spain? Or learn English in Australia, United Kingdom or the United States? Choosing the right country for a language stay is often as difficult as learning the language itself.

1.Your personal attraction to the country

Have you ever had this dream of discovering Mexico, of visiting the Machu Picchu or of going to Rio? That’s a good start. It’s always better to go to a country that you want to discover because it will give you the impetus to learn and discover the country on your own terms.

2.Your preferred lifestyle

Once this first criteria is defined, then you should look at your lifestyle preferences. Are you someone who likes climbing mountains, or someone who prefer relaxing on the beach? In the second case, Bolivia is not really ideal. Do you prefer big cities or do you prefer being in a more quiet town?  And do you like warm weather or rather enjoy cooler places? Going to Boston in summer, for example, wouldn’t be very wise if you don’t like the heat! And going to Peru in July neither if you don’t like the cold.

3.Your budget

It can be your dream to study in New York, but the price of the courses, the homestay, the activities and the flight ticket might make you change your mind. Make sure that you include everything when calculating your budget. Some schools do not include extra activities or the school material to their price, and it can make a big difference at the end.

4.The duration of your stay

Do you only have 2 weeks to learn English? Then maybe going to Australia from Europe is not the wisest option as you would pay a huge price for the flight for just 2 weeks there. Make sure that the destination you choose is worth the time you’ll put in the transport.

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