Travelling classrooms

You will move from town to town. You will discover a country, its culture and way of life.

Language classes

15 hours per week, the classes are given outside the classroom by experienced teachers. Ideal if you don't want to be at school during your holiday!

Pensez et rêvez en langue étrangère

Accompagné toute la journée, vous n'aurez pas le temps de penser dans votre langue maternelle. L'idéal pour progresser en un rien de temps !

Real language

You will learn the language as it spoken in real life, not as you learn it at school! Interaction with the local population will help you familiarize your ear with different ways of speaking.

Total immersion

Your teacher will accompany you all day. The activities have an educational purpose and will allow you to put the teaching into practice. The activities have an educational purpose as well as leisure and will give you the opportunity to practice your learnings in real life setting.

Dream in your target language!

Accompanied all day long, you will not have time to think in your native language. This is the solution to progress in record time!


Circuit linguistique

Are you afraid to express yourself in English or Spanish? Are you afraid of making mistakes? Then our programs are perfect for you. You’ll be immersed all day long in your target language and will improve your language skills in no time!


Circuit linguistique Irlande

Forget grammar rules and boring vocabulary lists. Thanks to our programs in total immersion, put immediately in practice your learning. Live the language by taking every communication opportunity.


Circuit linguistique

Be able to communicate in a foreign language will bring new personal and professional opportunities to you. Our total immersion programs are specially made for those who want to reach this goal on the short term.

Speak like a native in no time with our travelling classrooms

Travelling classrooms are ideal for those who want to learn a langue in total immersion. Study with Belles Langues and our partner schools, and you’ll be completely immersed in the language and culture of our 2 destinations: Ireland and Spain.

Travelling classrooms are meant for people who want to learn a language outside a classroom setting.

You’ll have 3 hours of language class per day, given directly on location. The remainder of the day, you’ll be accompanied by your teacher/guide, so you can continue the class beyond class hours!

Emphazis is put on ‘real’ English/Spanish. Therefore, you’ll learn to speak the language as the natives do, and not how it is taught in school.

Throughout each day, we’ll ensure that only your target language is spoken. However, we don’t forget the fun aspect: we’ll have lots of fun activities. So that you’ll learn while having fun!


Total immersion


Target language spoken


Intensive learning



Avoid the main inconvenients of traditional language schools

We’ll ensure that the group speaks the target language only

You’ll be accompanied throughout the day with your teacher/guide who will ensure that the group speaks only in French/English/Spanish (depending on the destination). So, you won’t be tempted to switch back to your native language!

No time to think in your own language or talk in English with other students

You’ll be busy! You won’t be left alone, because that’s when you’ll be tempted to think in your own language, or to communicate with other students – in English! We’ll make sure that your brain won’t find any temptation to speak or communicate in your native language.

Leisure yes, but with a purpose

We’ll have fun, but the activities have an educational purpose. You’ll put into practice your learning. There will be no activities where anyone is left alone speaking their native language with fellow students. The activities are an important part of the learning process.


I want to improve my English/Spanish to boost my CV or my career

You are a student or professional, you work or want to work in sales, international relations, communication, and speaking English/Spanish is a plus for your (future) career. We will help you progress quickly thanks to a complete immersion and an intensive language practice.

I have 2 hours of English/Spanish lessons per week in my country, but it is not enough

You would like to see the results of your learning, but 2 hours per week does not allow you to progress quickly and you would like to finally communicate easily during your vacation. We will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the French/Irish/Spanish language and culture. 3 hours of daily classes combined with a full practice of the language through activities and other experiences during the rest of the day. You will speak in your target language at least 10 hours a day!

I want to improve my English/Spanish, but language schools are not for me

You have a few weeks of vacation and wish to use them to improve your English/Spanish, but you do not want to spend your time in a classroom. We will help you progress in an unconventional way, by combining the courses, the practice and the discovery of a region.

I speak English/Spanish, but I would like to know the culture better

You already know Ireland or Spain, you’ve been on vacation with your family, but you want to be more than a tourist, you want to actually understand and experience the way of life. Learning a language helps you understand a country and its culture. We will show you France/Ireland/Spain from its most authentic places. The activities are carefully selected to allow you to meet with locals and interact with them.

Are you a student? Professional? Executive? Senior? Then our travelling classrooms in total immersion are perfect for you.

By us, you’ll find the following profiles:

  • Étudiants/diplômés

  • Professionnels

  • Seniors

  • Cadres dirigeants

  • Cadres

The teaching method

Qualified teachers

Our teaching program has been designed with qualified and experienced native teachers. We share the same values of authenticity and professionalism, enabling us to offer the best to the students!

Speaking, reading, listening, writing

Like with traditional schools, we’ll focus on the four skills. In addition to all the extra hours during bus rides, activities, excursions and meals listening to cultural lectures and explanations about the sites we will visit. During these opportunities we make conversation with our teacher and of course, the local people. You’ll practice the language in all sorts of real life situations, and we’ll put emphasis in teaching you ‘real’ language. For example, English as we speak it versus English as it is taught in text books.

200 hours of English/Spanish in 2 weeks

Aside from an 8-hour night of sleep, you’ll be exposed to your target language from breakfast to dinner (and after!). Therefore, a total of 200 hours in 2 weeks! In a traditional language school, at best, you can expect 35 hours per week (75 hours in 2 weeks)! Expect to dream in your target language before the end of our language tour!


We think our method is best for people with a level A2/B1. As you will be interacting a lot with local people, a minimum level is required in order to make the most of the program. Once you register, we will give you a test to assess your level. For more information on the language levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR), please click here





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I improved my English like never before, this programme is really amazing!

Emma T.,


"I studied 2 weeks in Ireland and discovered a new way to learn English. Those travelling classrooms are a great concept.... to combine English courses with the discovery of the country and its culture. Thanks Belles Langues for your advice!"

Pascale M.,
Account manager


I appreciated the travelling programme in Andalousia. It is ideal to combine tourism and Spanish learning, and I progressed a lot in a short time.

Guillaume G.,
Business Student