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Top 10 reasons to learn a foreign language

I am sure it is clear to all of you who want to learn a language why you actually want to learn it. It may be for your studies, for your job or just for the love of the sound of that particular language. You may think you know concretely why you want to speak English, Spanish or Italian, but have you ever thought that those reasons are only the tip of the iceberg and that there are unconscious reasons why you want to master a foreign language? Here are the top 15 reasons why learning a language abroad will definitely change your life.

1. It opens up a world of job opportunities

Learning a foreign language is a big plus on a resume, especially if you are working in business/sales. If you are not a native English speaker, English is a must of course, because it is the universal language. But speaking other languages can constitute a big advantage over other candidates. If you are in Europe, speaking German is very well seen, if you want to work in export, Chinese is nowadays very much in demand. Learning another language conveys your interest in other cultures because learning a language goes together with learning the culture of the country.

2. It opens up a world of traveling opportunities

French is spoken in 32 countries, Spanish in 22 countries, and English is spoken almost everywhere. On just those 3 languages you can travel to a lot of places in the world. Imagine that feeling of freedom you have being able to communicate to the people you meet during your trip, being able to read the newspaper to understand what’s going on in the country, or communicating directions to the taxi driver.

3. Get to know people from all other the world

Learning a language abroad will enable you to meet people from different nationalities. You will all be sharing the same experience while coming from different backgrounds. Being immersed together in a foreign country will deepen your friendship and you’ll probably keep in touch with those new friends for much longer than just the 2-weeks immersion program.

4. Enjoy films, books, series in their original language

No more dubbed movies, you’ll finally hear the real voice of that American actor and you’ll be able to understand the texts of that book you’re reading in its original version.

5. Become more interesting and meet more interesting people

You will see new things, learn about a new culture, meet people from all around the world and once back home you will have a lot to share with your friends and family.

6. See your own culture with new eyes

Being away from home will give you a new perspective on your own country. You’ll learn about another culture and naturally compare it with yours. You will understand how foreign people see your country and learn about their country.

7. You’ll become adventurous

Being in a foreign country within a language school and a host family setting will give you the opportunity experience independence from home while being in a secure environment. You will be engaging a completely new environment and you will have to be adventurous in order to discover it and make the most of it.

8. Gain a life experience

You will probably remember those weeks abroad as a great life experience. Away from home, your relatives and friends and all your habits, you will have no choice than to open up yourself to socialize and discover your new environment.

9. Open your mind

You will have to open yourself to fully welcome the experience of a new culture, new people from different countries, and a new language. You will only make the most of it if you are open-minded and willing to discover the new world in front of you.

10. Learn more about yourself

Going abroad on your own, even within the setting of a language school and host family will present a constructive challenge that you will grow from. While learning about a new culture, you will also learn a lot about yourself. You will be put out of your comfort zone, and that’s the best way to discover who you are.

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